Contract Date: 2015
Construction Cost: $1,180,093.00
Funding Source: Texas General Land Office
Client: Tony Barco
Hidalgo County
Urban County Program
427 E. Duranta Ave, Suite 107
Alamo, Texas
(956) 787-8127

Similar to other disaster areas identified as eligible with the Hurricane Relief Funds the County of Hidalgo identified Bernal Heights #1, #2, and Bar #3 as an area prone to flash floods due to non-existent storm drain facilities.

This ongoing project is the result of significant flooding that occurred within the identified communities due to a topographic high point elevation located north of the communities and a naturally occurring low point within the community. The communities were developed with no storm sewer infrastructure or outfall. The new storm drain network, consisting of over 4,000 linear feet of 36 inch and 48-inch steel polymer coated storm pipe and a 1250 linear foot long by 130 foot wide ditch excavation design to retain the runoff previously held within the communities.

Our project responsibilities and capabilities are as follows:

  • Site visits and Planning
  • Topographical surveying
  • Geotechnical Study for sub-surface soil conditions
  • Preliminary Design and Schematics
  • Permit Acquisition
    • TxDOT Utility Installation Permit
  • Hydrologic Study
    • Rainfall Volume and Storm Intensity correlating to the design frequency

  • Hydraulic Design
    • Design of storm drain facilities and alternative designs for bidding flexibility
  • Budget Analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Plan and Specifications preparation
  • Bid Packet Preparation and Bid Procurement
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Management