Contract Date: 2013
Construction Cost: $830,000.00 (estimate)
Funding Source: Texas General Land Office
Client: Noel Escobar
City of Escobares
4829 Old Highway 83
Escobares, Texas 78584
(956) 847-1200

Some areas in the City of Escobares are prone to flash floods due to several factors; 1) inadequate storm drain facilities, 2) areas lacking topographical relief, and 3) building construction in established waterways and flood plains.

This ongoing project is the result of significant flooding in the southern portion of the City of Escobares caused by the large volume of rainfall generated by Hurricane Dolly in July 2008. The new storm drain network, consisting of over 10,700 linear feet of 18-inch reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), 24-inch RCP, 30-inch RCP, 36-inch RCP, and numerous catch basins, will relieve the aging and inadequate storm drainage infrastructure currently in place.

This new drainage system is designed to adequately handle a 10-year storm event. The system will capture over 90 acres of runoff and will convey it to Arroyo Los Morenos.

Our project responsibilities and capabilities are as follows:

  • Site visits and Planning
  • Topographical surveying
  • Geotechnical Study for sub-surface soil conditions
  • Preliminary Design and Schematics
  • Permit Acquisition
    • TxDOT Utility Installation Permit
    • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Storm Discharge Permit
  • Hydrologic Study
    • Rainfall Volume and Storm Intensity correlating to the design frequency

  • Hydraulic Design
    • Design of storm drain facilities and alternative designs for bidding flexibility
  • Budget Analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Plan and Specifications preparation
  • Bid Packet Preparation and Bid Procurement
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Management